Designers Camo

Who Is On Next? UOMO 2010

Stefano Ughetti was born in Biella in 1974. After a brief stint studying business administration at the university, he began his career at a firm specializing in upholstery fabrics and then moved on to the world of home design. He opened a menswear concept store in 2007 and decided that the time was ripe to create his own line: CAMO – an abbreviation for camouflage. The idea is not to hide people behind what they wear, but rather to dress them in a way that makes them feel in harmony with the clothes, that they are one with them. The aim is to communicate with the clothing and use it as a means of expression: this is camouflage as a philosophy of life and it has nothing to do with military patterns. With his Country collection – country in the sense of a nation, as well as place of origin – Stefano Ughetti explores the close bonds between the person and the territory, issuing an invitation to take a very close look at our roots and to follow nature in full freedom.