Designers Dead Meat

Fashion Who Is On Next? UOMO 2010

We express ourselves and our desires through clothing: we dress our personality with all its weaknesses and strengths. This is what makes Dead Meat a communications project. It is a factory established in 2005 by then twenty-five year Giovanni Battista De Pol and now it consists of a group of young and keen-eyed people: Vera Todaro, Fabio Galavotti, Stefano Landini, Francesco Gandolfi, Silvia Bergomi, Emanuele Bacchelli, Laura Zaniboni and Umberto Sannino. The Dead Meat objective is to learn to observe things in the world, and one of the ways of doing this is clothing – a privileged communications tool in this era of the image, and clothing promotes critical thought. Dead Meat owes a great deal to William Burroughs, Kurt Cobain, Goethe and David Foster Wallace. It is from this choice of inspirational figures that we can understand the factory’s eclectic nature that is so typical of the generation that grew up  in the media era, straddling TV and the Web and devoted to multitasking. Dead Meat is all this and more: to say that it is merely fashion is reductive.