01 Jun 2011

Designers Emiliano Rinaldi

Who Is On Next? UOMO 2011
An engineering graduate from the University of Bologna, ever since he was a child this Tuscan designer has displayed an exuberant artistic streak which, over the years, he has combined with a passion for design – things and clothes with a history. And so, in 2010 he began hand-making clothes, taking his inspiration from his own wardrobe. Today, his third collection is being sold in Japan, the United States, France and England. His creations are now inspired by the landscapes and emotions of his native Tuscany. Liberated from the rules of fashion his items are a transfiguration – in colors, fabrics and shapes - of all the emotions and sensations that make up his life. 
For the 2012 summer collection, Rinaldi presents clothes made of simple, cool fabrics – silk, linen and cotton blends. Jackets, knitwear and jeans are enlivened by bright colors such as lemon yellow in striking new mélanges. His creativity is filled with memories, but definitely not nostalgic – a contemporary wardrobe with a touch of peak-styles from days gone by.