Designers Erïk Bjerkesjö

Fashion Who Is On Next? UOMO 2012

Erïk Bjerkesjö was born in Stockholm in 1982 and, after obtaining a Master in Footwear and Accessories Design at Polimoda, he debuted on the fashion scene with presentation and interpretation of his own, very personal concept of masculine elegance. Refined yet innovative design, which sees every pair of shoes born out of the painstaking skill of Tuscan artisans, the hardness of the soles engraved with the signature of their creator. His design process goes from selection of the leather right through to packaging of the product and stands out thanks to the refinement of small details: hand bevelling, elegant punching on toe caps and the exquisite touch provided by three eighteen-carat gold nails in the heel. A style code is completed by his first menswear collection, steeped in dark&minimal and post-modern moods.