Designers Leitmotiv

Fashion Who Is On Next? UOMO 2009

A blend of artistic research and sartorial passion, the Leitmotiv brand is the child of creative complicity between Juan Caro and Fabio Sasso. Juan, came to Europe from South America and specialized in the visual arts, Fabio studied at DAMS in Bologna and became a tailor. Their creativity has allowed them to work with major brands such as Furla and Borsalino. In their work, fashion takes its inspiration from art that becomes wearable. This duality – like crafts and tailoring, male and female, past and present – is expressed through their studies on materials and patterns. Fabio Sasso’s decorative, Baroque style and Juan Caro’s Gothic streak become prints inspired by fairytale and surreal images. Indeed, the print - the starting point for their creations – is extended and developed on men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. Like a kaleidoscope, their creations multiply dreamy images that come together and give life to other fragments of visions.