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Who Is On Next? UOMO 2009
Pascal Gautrand was born in Mazanet, France in 1974. He began his training in the late ’Nineties and in 1999 specialized in textile and fashion management at the Institut Français de la Mode in Paris. His background has made him a complete artist who works on his creations from the concept to the final product.
Here is bespoke tailoring from the finest Capitoline tradition at the service of the 21st century dandy. Craft tailoring is enhanced to contrast with the standardization of fashion for “mass production of unique pieces” as Gautrand likes to define his brand. In the Made in Roma collections, working with artisan Roberto Marino, the designer develops the purity of made-to-measure shapes and exclusive fabrics, such as classic men’s shirting materials. Assembly, composition and cut-up work together to create truly unique and inimitable patchwork graphic clothes.