01 Jun 2011

Designers Alessandro Manzi & Caterina Coccioli

Who Is On Next? UOMO 2011
Here is a philosophy that starts from America and workwear, then dips into different ethnicities and different concepts of clothing to give the concept of the “everyday uniform” a totally new meaning. Uniform: in the religious and cultural -  not only military - sense.
The clothes are like words in speech: they are filled with meaning, with different cultural influences and can be combined in different ways to yield ever new and original results. They are, in fact, an infinite system of items.
Caterina Coccioli and Alessandro Manzi, who trained at the Politecnico in Milan, share an interest in the history of costume and iconic clothes that have become symbols of cultures and traditions. They carefully search for special fabrics and yarns, in expressive colors and strong tactile sensations. Their creations are made with fine fabrics by Limonta that enthusiastically supports this designing duo. They use natural and performing fibers together for a sophisticated, technological and always elegant look. Traditional, strictly Italian workmanship makes for clothes that live in our dimension with simplicity and with the power to become memorable.