Designers Maurizio Miri

Fashion Who Is On Next? UOMO 2010

Born into the profession in 1976, ever since he was a child Maurizio nurtured a strong passion for fashion. His career started when he was fifteen when he was put in charge of style and production for the family firm’s men’s line. In 2000 he went out on his own to orient his work towards more experimental solutions, and presented his first collection, Miri, that works to sartorial codes building a wardrobe distinguished by precise lines and styling details, in 2008. His clear avant-garde vision binds harmoniously with a custom-made flair. He re-edits formal-wear classics so that they meet the needs of today’s men and he knows them well, having had direct contact with the family firm’s clients. His style is focused on a subtle, almost imperceptible  harmony of details that characterize his way of conceiving and making a garment – without ever forgetting the teachings of Made in Italy that are part of each phase in production.