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Fashion Who Is On Next? UOMO 2012

The YOU brand was the brainchild in 2011 born out of the meeting of two human visions, professional and cultural - apparently similar yet intimately distant: Max Bosio, the Italian architect, cool-hunter and visual designer who thought up this project and Israeli fashion designer Alon Siman Tov, who was creative director for shoes and accessories at Levi’s Europe. This was the birth of cross-cultural shoes with a humanist concept that blends the immediacy of the sneaker with the sophisticated metropolitan touch of casual wear. The very name is an acronym, standing for Your Own Universe, an invitation to relate to an evolved on-trend style that interprets today’s languages. Entirely hand-made in Italy, YouFootwear creations come in fine leathers and recycled fabrics that merge to give a contemporary dynamic style, contrasting materials, contamination and different cultural references.