Who's on next? Regulation

Men’s prêt-à-porter 
Men’s accessories
The competition is open to all designers who produce their own collection in Italy and handle its distribution (via at least one store or e-commerce platform) or have already produced at least one/two collections in Italy, but have been unable to continue for financial reasons.   
Only participants aged eighteen (18) or over are eligible for participation. 
Only designers (individual persons) may participate.
Each candidate must submit a single envelope containing:
_ a brand profile;
_ a designer profile;
_ a line sheet of the last two collections;
_ images of already produced collections, USB flash-drive videos of any presentations, or any materials concerning the designer’s collections;
_ mood boards, sketches, images, texts and/or textile samples to describe and explain the designer’s style and choices concerning their new S/S 2018 collection; 
_ complete address and number of stores in which the applicant’s garments have been sold or presented, or any presentations by retailers, journalists, designers, or manufacturers that have already previewed the collection. All statements made in the application must be suitably documented;
_ a duly filled in and signed application form with acceptance of regulations, which can be downloaded from the following websites: www.pittimmagine.com, www.pittidiscovery.com, www.altaroma.it, www.vogue.it
_ Statement of the brand’s exclusive legal ownership, if the designer uses a registered brand name. If the brand is under joint ownership, applicants are required to enclose an application form, duly completed for each owner. 
_If the brand is owned by a company, the participation of the designer(s) is only permitted if he/she/they possess a combined qualifying holding of no less than 20% in the company’s capital stock (a Chamber of commerce company registration report must also be included). In any event, participants must declare that they are authorized to use the brand. 
All texts included in the documentation must be in both Italian and English, with both paper and digital copies. The material submitted will not be returned under any circumstances whatsoever.
The envelope containing the materials must be perfectly sealed and bear the name and address of the sender on the outside, along with the following heading: 
Altaroma - 
The envelope containing the material must be sent, on pain of exclusion from the competition, by and no later than the final deadline of 12:00 p.m. on 01-04-2017 (1 April 2017), to the following address:  
Due to the delayed opening announcement, Fondazione Pitti Immagine Discovery, in agreement with AltaRoma, has taken the exceptional step of extending the mandatory deadline for the submission of applications to take part in the competition by one week. The definitive deadline has therefore been set at Monday 10 April 2017.
Via dell’Umiltà 48, 00187 Rome
The envelope must be sent via registered mail with return receipt, or via a private courier service or by an authorized delivery agency that is able to issue certification stating the date of acceptance of the envelope. The delivery of the envelope remains exclusively at the sender’s risk, should it fail to arrive at destination for any reason. Materials received with a delivery note and/or postage stamp dated later than the indicated deadline will not be taken into consideration. 

In addition to the exclusion of participants who have submitted either incomplete or late entry forms, Fondazione Pitti Immagine Discovery (herein after referred to as FPID) also reserves the right, at any time whatsoever, to exclude participants who have failed to comply with these regulations. Any participant suspected of providing false or misleading information at any stage of the procedure whatsoever will be excluded from participating in the contest.

FPID hereby declines any liability, direct or indirect, of any nature or kind arising from events and participation in the contest. No request for compensation may be filed by competitors for either losses incurred or any damage caused to projects.
A Board of Examiners composed of official representatives from FPID, Altaroma and L’Uomo Vogue will preside over the Who is on Next project. The jury shall consist of the said Board of Examiners, as well as representatives of the Partners and international members of the trade: Italian and foreign manufacturers, distributors, retailers, as well as Italian and foreign media journalists and fashion experts.  The Board of Examiners will preside over the selection of candidates and finalists, while the Jury will nominate the winner or winners (see below).  
By 01-06-2017 (1 June 2017), in a decision that shall be considered final and binding, the Board of Examiners will select a maximum of eight finalists in the two categories of men’s prêt-à-porter and accessories. All finalists will be notified of the results by letter and the information will be subsequently circulated by means of a press release and included on the project’s website. 
Notification regarding the outcome of the selection will be published on the project’s dedicated websites (the FPID, Pitti Immagine, Vogue, and Altaroma websites). A list of the designers excluded from the selection will not be posted. 
The task of nominating the winner or winners will be given to the Jury, which will select up to a maximum of two winners from the two categories listed in the project. The decision of the Jury will be final and binding. Winners can be proclaimed in even just one area of the competition. Special mentions may also be acknowledged.
The finalists acknowledge and expressly accept that their participation in the Who is on Next? Uomo competition shall remain an exclusive undertaking and they commit themselves:  
1) To not participate in any other competitions held in Italy during the period June 2017 – January 2018, unless explicitly requested at the moment of enrollment and subsequently and expressly authorized by FPID;
2) To not participate in any other trade fairs held in Italy for the presentation of their S/S 2018 collections (summer of 2017).
The winner/winners furthermore undertake to not present in any other trade fairs held in Italy their F/W 2018-19 collections (see below the paragraph regarding prizes).
The finalists and winner/winners also accept that any violation of the exclusivity of this agreement invests FPID with the authority to terminate without penalty the commitments undertaken here, as pursuant to art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code, without prejudice to compensation for any damages
PRIZES for the winner/winners sponsored by the ORGANIZERS
FPID will grant the winner(s): 
_ a reimbursement of expenses that will vary in accordance with the final number of winners, for an amount ranging between 3,500 euros and 5,000 euros; 
_ the organization and co-production of a ‘stand-alone’ presentation during the January 2018 edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo, guaranteeing for the event a total budget not inferior to 30,000 euros, which will vary in relation to the final number of winners; 
_ a year of free tutoring, through the Tutorship Management Team of Pitti Immagine, providing style consultancy and services aimed at the comprehensive development of the designer/designers’ career/careers (brand development, career building);
_ a profile of the winner/winners to be published on its own website, a digital project room that will allow the concept of the collections to be represented through videos, photos, and texts.
Instead, the co-organizers - l’Uomo Vogue and Altaroma, owner of the registered trademark – will undertake publishing, promotional, and public relations activities with the aim of integrating the communication campaign and increasing the visibility of the winner in the national and international fashion community. 
For each day of the Pitti Immagine Uomo n. 92 show, FPID will make a pre-built exhibition area at the show available free of charge to the finalists for the exhibition for their S/S 2018 collections.
The day before the opening of the show, starting in the early afternoon, the Jury will meet to examine the finalists’ collections: not more than 12 outfits, always from the S/S 2018 collections and/or, as per previous and separate agreement with the Board of Examiners, a selection of leading garments from past collections.
The day after the Jury has met the award(s) will be presented to the winner/winners. 
In order to guarantee the best qualitative results of the collective presentation and to ensure seamless coordination, all finalists undertake to collaborate and to comply with the requests and the instructions given by the organizers of the event.
In the clothing section, and in accordance with the chosen method of presentation, the finalists could be asked to present all of their outfits, or just some of them, coordinated and accessorized with shoes in a size not inferior to 44/45. For the presentation of accessories, the shoes – in size 41/42 – will be exhibited in a dedicated installation.   
Expenses pertaining to accommodation in Florence for the finalists will be at the expense of FPID.  It remains understood that all expenses related to transportation of the collection, from the place of origin to Florence and vice-versa, will be at the expense of each finalist and subject to his/her direct liability.
From January through the end of March 2017
Announcement and promotion of the competition and the publication of its regulations on the websites: 
May 2017
Presentation of the competition and announcement of the names of the finalists at press conferences held by Pitti Immagine in Italy and abroad. Online communications. 
June 2017 and beyond
Press releases and web news reports by Pitti Immagine and the Fondazione Pitti Discovery, trunk show open to members of the trade at Pitti Uomo 92. Online communications.