07 Oct 2000


Today, today, today. Spazi mentali, spazi reali

Mark Leckey Philippe Parreno and Diego Perrone are three artists who analyze the identity of the present and of today, from three different viewpoints and through three types of violence: group violence (Leckey); real and virtual fantasy violence (Parreno); and among individuals through the childish language of cartoons (Perrone). Today, today, today, because the three artists start out from realities without history that consume themselves in the moment they are revealed and take shape. Today, because we are living in a situation where memory is accelerating at such an increasing rate that it eventually contradicts itself.

Mark Leckey
Fiorucci made me hardcore
Video, 1999
duration: 15 minutes, approx.

Philippe Parreno
Anywhere out of the world
Video, 2000
duration: 4 minutes, approx.

Diego Perrone
I verdi giorni
animated cartoon, 2000

duration: 2.5 minutes, approx.