31 Mar 2000

Events Susan Cianciolo

Structures e Run Collection 2000

Structures 10 wooden exhibition structures created by Ms. Cianciolo in collaboration with the designer Aaron Lown. They were created specifically for clothes she has designed for this exhibit. Susan and the Run Collection staff have made the twenty garments entirely by hand, creating unique ensembles. Each item was specially designed for the structure on which it will be displayed. All the fabrics are silk-screened, printed and embroidered by hand. A Japanese-style screen decorated by Ms. Cianciolo using fashion illustrations, graphic motifs, texts and pictures related to the garments and the structures completes the installation.

The pieces comprising Structures form a unique work, abounding in concepts and ideals, and they share the common feature of all being related to clothing: items for personal use or complements for clothing for a wide range of individuals. The structures and the clothes were created for each other and aim at demonstrating the different empathies between the garment-active as worn and the garment-at rest on display.