20 Jun 2001

Events The entertainers. Accessory's power


Accessories are by no means secondary, no indeed. They are essential elements of contemporary clothing, powerful engines of desire and international luxury goods, great protagonists of fashion and its creativity. Shoes, bags, belts, eyewear, gloves, backpacks and shoulder bags, hats, umbrellas and so many other different items are the fruit of fashion’s inexhaustible ability to reproduce its names and symbols. They are items that traverse both the male and female universes; they “make the difference.” And more than any other items they retain memories and feelings, they can provide a link between the most expensive and cheapest clothes and give voice to the authentic daemon of elegance.

The Entertainers. Accessory’s Power: on the occasion of the 60th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo, Pitti Immagine will dedicate a huge show to accessories. It will be the first ever to present an overview of this galaxy of objects with a setting that is midway between the theatrical and a technological Wunderkammer, while maintaining an “almost encyclopedic” rigor with the idea of building an amusing and enthralling show that avoids and downplays the fetishistic cult of things 
The show, that will run in Florence at the Stazione Leopolda from 20 June (the opening day) through 15 July 2001 is designed by Franca Sozzani, editor of Vogue and the architect, Italo Rota. Luca Stoppini is the art director.

The Entertainers will showcase about 1300 items – those that have become legendary and the latest from the world’s biggest names in fashion, links with people and events, past and present of the star system, along with construction and manufacturing details. It will be presented through wit and information with special effects and machinery to subvert and emphasize their bond with function, their charm and their roles as status symbols.

Here are the titles, the plots and protagonists of the 14 sections of a show that covers over 1500 square meters of exhibition space. Sipario (an introduction presented through a delightful montage of Walt Disney cartoons); Letters or Power (the power emanated by the famous logos of 12 famous brands that designed their dedicated area at the show); Trendsetters (bags that can pass the X-ray test of a metal detector); The Long Row (men’s shoes on a conveyor belt); Rain in Wonderland (umbrellas and women’s evening shoes in a rain-soaked setting); A Play of Gloves (a large meadow where gloves blossom galore); Viva Vacation (backpacks in airport security lockers); Ties Swing (a modern totem pole of neckties); The Magic Hatter (an original hot air balloon for hats); YouthQuake (running shoes and sneakers on the roller coaster); Belts That Go (something of a Medieval joust for belts); Shining (a mysterious and eerie dark room dedicated to women’s shoes, gloves and bags); An Affair Called Diplomatic Bag (clips from spy movies, where the attaché case is the protagonist); The Entertainers Screen (a wilderness of eyewear that project the viewer’s face on the screen, parody of Andy Warhol’s “everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.”

The Entertainers. Accessory’s Power is part of the program that Pitti Immagine has organized for 2001 – the fiftieth anniversary of the first Italian fashion shows that were held in Florence on 12 February 1951. On that date last February Pitti Immagine launched a series of events to celebrate that historic event. The idea of talking about accessories was not an accident: ever since the ‘fifties accessories have been one of the outstanding fields of creative Made in Italy. Even today, they are a fundamental factor in the global success of Italian fashions and they are embodied in the products of the major international luxury goods manufacturers. Nor is it an accident that Florence and Tuscany continue to be one of main areas in Italy that produce these high quality goods.