10 Jun 2002

Events Matthew Barney

Performance Cremaster 3 and Cremaster Festival

19 - 24 June 2002

CREMASTER 3, is episode three of the five-part Cremaster (the title refers to the word for the muscle that supports the testicles) created by the American artist, Matthew Barney. By deliberately avoiding strict chronological order Mr. Barney has directed CREMASTER 4 (1994), CREMASTER 1 (1995), CREMASTER 5 (1997), CREMASTER 2 (1999) and finally CREMASTER 3 (2002).
The CREMASTER saga starts with the human reproductive system and metamorphically describes the evolution of form through biological, psychosexual and morphological allusions. Using a complex system of symbols Mr. Barney explores the new, contemporary mythologies and the ongoing evolution of the body that grows through strenuous competition with itself. In a totally personal manner (raising havoc in the languages of cinema and art) through his images the artist meditates on the situation of the individual in a society where gender identity is ambiguous and in motion.

After a journey among the fairies on the Island of Man in the Irish Sea (CREMASTER 4), a surrealistic musical shot on an Idaho football field (CREMASTER 1), a melancholy finale in the baths and theaters of Budapest (CREMASTER 5) and something of a Gothic Western, traversing the nervous system of American culture in the figure of Gary Gilmore, a pathetic murderer, Matthew Barney has come to CREMASTER 3. Here in the central part of the saga he combines the Zombie Thriller and the Gangster movie. The film starring Barney himself, the American artist Richard Serra and Aimee Mullins, Special Olympics champion, model for Alexander McQueen and the symbol of the America that wins at any cost, presents a distillation of the artist’s main themes and esthetic projects.
The story, set in 1930, combines Mafia, Masons, Celtic folklore and Art Deco passions, and takes place between New York, Saratoga Springs, Giant Causeway in Ireland and Fingall’s Cave at Staffa an island in the Hebrides off the coast of Scotland. The scenes in New York were shot in the Chrysler Building and the Guggenheim Museum.

written and directed by Matthew Barney
35 mm
Dolby digital sound
Running time 182 ‘
Production  Barbara Gladstone and Mathhew Barney
Characters and Cast
Richard Serra   Hiram Abiff
Aimee Mullins  Entered Novitiate
Nesrin Karanouh  Gary Gilmore
Matthew Barney  Entered Apprentice
Peter Badalamenti Fionn MacCumhail
The Mighty Biggs  Fingal

Matthew Barney
Matthew Barney was born in San Francisco in 1967 and made his debut at a very young age. His CV is filled with awards and one-man shows in the world’s museums such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Fondation Cartier in Paris, the Tate Gallery in London, and the Boymans-Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam. He received the Premio Europa 2000 as the best young artist at the Venice Biennale in 1993 and the Hugo Boss Prize in 1996. He also participated in the Biennial at the Whitney Museum in New York (1993, 1995) and Documenta IX in Kassel.
Fondazione Pitti Immagine Discovery
the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

2002, running time 182’ 
__Teatro Goldoni
    Firenze, Via Santa Maria 15
19__, 21,22,23, 24 June 2002
two screenings daily
4:00 pm _ 8:00 pm 
CREMASTER  4, 1994 , running time 42’ 16” 
CREMASTER  1, 1995,  running time 40’ 30”
CREMASTER  5, 1997,  running time 54’ 30”
CREMASTER  2, 1999,  running time 79’
__Cinema Goldoni
    Firenze, Via Serragli 109
19-24 June
in order from 11:00am to 3:00 pm
from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm
free admittance

tel. 055 3693407