23 Jun 2005


Stazione Leopolda, Thursday 23 June, 9:30 p.m.

The nineteenth century former railroad station will be the setting for a unique evening with the chameleonic sounds of the famous dj and producer Howie B, and the performance-by-images and sound track of DJ Spooky, musician and theoretician of the most advanced electro-scene. With a specially designed setting that creates a defragmented atmosphere – reflective white tubes hanging from the metal ceiling structures are randomly arranged to evoke the fragmentation of the roof and the break with traditional music.

“Pitti Jun-E-Motion” selected electronic music as the key to reading the new musical culture – a group of instruments, methods and sounds that mix past and future. Electronics, however, offer one of the prime research areas for mixing today’s creative languages: music, the visual arts and design – and for defining the trends and behaviors related to the world of the young. Howie B’s creative work is just one part: in fact, the Glasgow dj designed the Hvana collection wich will be presented for the first time at Pitti Uomo n. 68.

DJ Spooky “Rebirth Of A Nation” 
“DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid”, off-stage Paul D. Miller, has been starring in recent New York art reviews. Conceptual artist, musician and writer, he has earned a place through his visionary synthesis of Afro-American traditions and contemporary sensitivities. 
His works have been exhibited at the Whitney Biennial, the Biennale di Venezia and the Ludwig Museum in Cologne. His long résumé is filled with projects and joint undertakings with names that go from Iannis Xenakis to Ryuichi Sakamoto, from Wu-Tang Clan to Sonic Youth. 
DJ Spooky will present “Rebirth Of A Nation”, reflections on a movie classic, D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation, where he will perform live, mixing images with the original music he composed for the film.

Brian Eno, Björk, U2, Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead, are just some of today’s music stars that have worked with Howie B. For them, this eclectic and invaluable producer and dj created whirling, swirling musical backdrops, mixing styles and drawing on the most disparate sources: dub, hip hop and noise music noise, lo-fi and drum’n’bass, techno and cool jazz. 
The result is a distinctive, unmistakable sound that comes out in full when Howie B sits at his console – the way U2 wanted him on tour as the “supporting dj.” 
A Scotsman from Glasgow, now based in London, Howie B is one of the most versatile talents on the new electronic scene and works actively as a designer – with HVANA menswear collection.