20 Jan 2005


Fashion The exhibition at Galleria d'Arte Moderna at Palazzo Pitti

The clothes to be displayed in the museum’s 30 rooms were selected on the basis of their ability to interact with the artworks. The exhibition, art directed by Yohji Yamamoto’s long time collaborator Masao Nihei, is characterized by opulent simplicity. The clothes, shown on Stockman forms, blend with the Gallery’s permanent collection. Standing free of showcases, the garments can be admired and touched, allowing viewers to appreciate their absolute beauty, the quality of the materials and perfect design. A dialogue is created by the placement of the garments and the artwork; hinting at hypothetical encounters; seeking eye contact with the observer. The subtle light dominating the exhibition is broken by sudden, harsh flashes.

Correspondences is the first part of a collaboration between Florence and Paris that will be followed by a separate Yohji Yamamoto exhibition at the Musée de la Mode et du Textile of the Louvre from 12 April to 28 August 2005.
The January monograph issue of A Magazine, the six-monthly journal published for the Flanders Fashion Institute of Antwerp, will be dedicated to Yohji Yamamoto. The issue will include coverage of the exhibit.

The Galleria d'Arte Moderna at Palazzo Pitti hosts a collection of around 4,000 works in its thirty rooms, including sculptures and paintings from the 19th and 20th century.
Featuring works by artists such as Canova, Dupré, Fattori, Lega, Signorini and De Nittis. Carlo Sisi is the director of the Modern Art Gallery.