17 Jun 2014

Events Asger Juel Larsen


What does CONTEMPORARY mean for you? (in fashion, of course)

It’s not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today. It’s the present and the thoughts that go through our minds as we think, as well as the decisions we make when we dress.   
From where/what have you taken the INSPIRATION?
Each season I do thoroughly research into a specific subject. I don’t like to go only in one singlehanded direction. It’s always been about mixing something from the past with something in the present. It’s my state of mind, the one I’m in, when I start to develop the collection that shapes how it will end up.
Which is the men's ICON for Asger Juel Larsen?
Lemmy from Motorhead
Which is the most important DETAIL in your collection?
That each garment design combined with the fabric has a strong synergy.