17 Jun 2014

Events Kristian Guerra


Where did your passion for fashion come from?

The initial approach was definitely an expedient for acquiring self-confidence and awareness, but also as a unique communication channel.
I saw fashion as a chance to express myself.
Being able to work on a garment of clothing is like being able to work on the identity of the wearer.
Fashion allows you to imprint your point of view and interpret people’s needs.
Clothes are the way we impersonate a character or the easiest way to represent ourselves.
By turning my visions into reality I try to suggest images. 
But I definitely think that the biggest appeal is the complexity of the procedures that regulate fashion and the possibilities they provide.
What do you expect from this experience at PItti Uomo and The Latest Fashion Buzz?
My expectation is to manage to lend visibility to the project.
The opportunity to create new contacts, expanding the network around which the GHOSTWEAR URBAN UNIFORM/FLAT GARMENTS is developed, creating the basis for a platform for dialogue between design, producers and raw material suppliers. I believe in co-working and sharing.
Your definition of style…
Style for me is how you represent your identity through choices made.
How we relate to others, possibly in a sophisticated, personal and intelligent way.
Which icons inspire you?
I don’t have a true icon, even if I have some points of reference. I often go from sport to heritage and I am an observer. My generation is living an extraordinary age, experiencing recessions but also a great desire for liberation in a blend of cultures and changing habits. My inspiration comes from the street and everyday life. Right now, I am fascinated by normality, I love the way people wear something old they are really fond of.
What goals/projects do you have for the future?
My goal is to try and add new input focused on cooperation. I have many future projects, but more than anything else I would like the chance to put myself to the test in increasingly more sophisticated and stimulating scenarios, where I can continue to learn and find space for self-expression.
Tell us about your collection, what are the key pieces?
The project is the outcome of collaboration with the textile company Limonta SpA.
The initial intention was to represent the creativity of a textile industry through a number of garments.
Now GHOSTWEAR has become a collection that sees the participation of some of the main players in the Italian textile business.
 It will mainly feature outerwear, with a few trousers.
These are a series of pieces that blend garments from different, yet always urban, origins,
Clothes that can be worn every day, but with sporting contamination, where passages of creation resulting from a design and production path are seen to emerge.
GHOSTWEAR URBAN UNIFORM FLAT GARMENTS have been thought up to recall something, but worn as something else.
All the fabrics are water repellent, supplied by the Italian textile company Limonta SpA, partner in this project together with the design studio Fashion 3000 progetto e riccerca, which developed the collection.
Wile Reca Group kindly supplied the labelling.
Three partners involved in the project and not just mere suppliers who guarantee creativity and professionalism, but also allies who share the creation of a vision.