17 Jun 2014

Events L'F Shoes


Where does your love of fashion stem from?

We are passionate about the product, its construction, its philosophy and the transitions and ways of reasoning that it dictates. We like the work that lies behind creation and research, and the way that fashion influences and is influenced by other industries. 
All the rest is a choreographed display.
What do you expect from this experience at Pitti Uomo and at The Latest Fashion Buzz?
Coming back to Pitti twice a year is like coming home and seeing family and friends again. 
For four days all the rest of the world remains outside. 
The best thing about our work is exchanging ideas with others, explaining and hearing what the audience have to say. 
What’s your definition of style?
The ability to understand cultural and aesthetic phenomena and to reinterpret them.
What icons inspire you?
Inspiration is an ongoing process that develops overs months of research and experimentation. We don’t cling on to cultural stereotypes or to an idealised image of present and future figures. 
Our icons are linked to doing, to passion and to what is beautiful. 
What goals/plans do you have for the future?
We are a couple in our professional life and in our personal life too (L'F stands quite simply for Licia and Francio).We started out on this journey together and that’s how we want to continue, by building our brand and strengthening our abilities as designers through collaborations and new projects. 
Tell us about your collection; what are the key pieces? 
The L'F Shoes Men’s collection is always headed towards new destinations and it’s a part of us that grows with experience. It has developed over the seasons and it now has its own very clear identity. 
Each model describes a part of our journey and the story that we wanted to write, starting from the tradition of shoemaking and including product design. 
The inspiration stems from our desire to find a way to describe men’s footwear that is freed from, but not unaware of, the legacy of the past, without going over the top in terms of manner and ostentation. 
The shoe is an object of communication for the man who wants a tool that can support his thoughts as he walks through everyday life.