17 Jun 2014

Events Mr Start


What do you expect from this experience at Pitti Uomo and The Latest Fashion Buzz?

It’s our first season at Pitti, having been invited by Sara Maino (Senior Fashion Editor and Head of Talent at Vogue Italia). We are expecting the Fashion Buzz platform to have great energy, a lively atmosphere and to be the ideal place to showcase our brand to buyers in the international market who may not yet be aware of us. It’s amazing for us to be a part of something so forward-thinking and special.
Which are your personal project for the future?
Currently we are working on further developing our Womenswear line (which has proven to be successful in our own shops) and scouting a second location for a Mr Start flagship in London.
From what a designer must begin to give style to women/men, without giving their identity up?
A designer must always work with a unique, strong vision and their own sense of style. Men tend to know what they like - they don’t change their style with each seasonal trend as much as women do, so when they find a brand that creates clothes that ‘fit’ their sense of self they will continue to return to that brand each season. Therefore it is important to retain your DNA as a designer and brand, but without being boring.
When did your passion for fashion and design begin?
From a very young age. So young that I don’t even remember. I’ve always loved fashion, design, art and have always worked within this field.
What are the key pieces – the real Must Haves – of your collection?
Short Suits. There’s a new way of dressing emerging for men, where they can be more liberated in their style. Men have flirted with kilts, etc. previously – but beautiful short suits feel more wearable, more modern.
Who is the designer that inspires you? Who is your fashion icon?
I don’t have one. I admire lots of people and their journeys and creativity, but there is no single person who I could really name.