17 Jun 2014

Events Orange Culture


What do you expect from this experience at Pitti Uomo and The Latest Fashion Buzz? 

The opportunity to expose people to the richness of my culture that backs my brand and it's story to the world. Showing what authentic fashion from Africa looks like, Modern day AFRICA through my own eyes. The Exposure as a brand will be phenomenal - networking and meeting with Menswear buyers from all over the globe. It will be an amazing experience, one I have dreamed off many times.
Which are your professional project for the future? 
As a brand - I'm very interested in seeing orange culture being stocked and sold internationally. I would like to see my brand stocked side by side with my international peers in Department stores and Boutiques and be able to shake the myth that fashion from Africa is only about the use of the Ankara Printed fabric. I also want to inspire young designers coming through in Africa and other parts of the world that aren't recognised on the International fashion platforms.
From what a Designer must begin to give style to women/men, without giving their identity up?
 TO THY SELF BE TRUE.  It’s not what you wear it, it’s HOW.
When did your passion for fashion and design begin?
It started when I was 10 and I realised being that shy child, it was the only space where I felt confident and vocal and well accepted.
What are the key pieces  - the real must-haves - of your collection?
From the new collection - EVERYTHING! I think the Neoprene AGBADA style tops will be key for SS15.
Who is the designer who inspires you? Who is your fashion icon?
Karl Lagerfeld!