17 Jun 2014

Events Samuji


What do you expect from this experience at Pitti Uomo and The Latest Fashion Buzz?

We are very excited to show at Pitti Uomo. Our Men's line was launched only last year and we are looking forward to introduce the collection to press and buyers all over the world. 

Which are your professional projects for the future? 
We are looking forward to expanding Samuji to new areas of design. Samuji has been a creative studio of different fields and a collective of different talents from the start, and I'm very excited to see our portfolio expanding as the collective grows.
From what a Designer must begin to give style to women/men, without giving their identity up?
I have two starting points. First, in the beginning of Samuji, I interviewed my friends and gathered a perfect or complete wardrobe: what are the timeless essentials every woman/man needs and treasures and uses from season to season. We have built the Samuji collections around this basic idea. The second starting point in my design process are the fabrics. Every season I start from them. I go through new materials, try to find new looks and feels. The clothes and the designs then grow from the fabrics.
When did your passion for fashion and design begin?
At a very early age in Muurame, a small village in the middle of Finland, where I grew up. One important influence to me was my neighbour's and friend's mother, a designer herself, who's whose piles of old Vogues I used to read over and over again.
What are the key pieces  - the real must-haves - of your collection?
The print cotton shirts and linen blazers.
Who is the designer who inspires you? Who is your fashion icon?
I really like I see fashion icons in everyday life, on the streets and in my friends. Just yesterday I was mesmerized by this couple I saw in Brooklyn. They both had a wonderful style, very unique, yet understated. I also look back for inspiration: old movies, old photographs, historical and traditional costumes. Many of my collections have specific times in history that they build on.