06 Jan 2014

Events C.B. Made in Italy

Fashion By Federico Poletti
Cecilia Bringheli founded C.B. Made in Italy in 2010 in Milan; her goal was to produce extraordinarily high-quality and sturdy handmade footwear for men and women. By skillfully combining Italy’s traditional craft skills with the most modern technology, C.B. presents an exclusive range of leather and suede slippers, moccasins, short and high boots. Handcrafted in a small workshop up in Northern Italy, these are shoes for night, day and any occasion, not bound to seasons, they are impeccable and unbeatable travel companions.
Describe your approach to fashion?
Simple but extremely refined and relaxed. sometimes funny.
What is for you formal wear and casual wear ?In which of these two categories do you recognize yourself?
Boundaries nowadays are  thinner and thinner, it's more often up to how you feel and the mood you are in, unless a dress code is specifically required. on top of that, cb made in italy aims to be right for every season and almost in every scenario you can imagine. 
What is experimentation for you?
Letting my immagination go free to create objects of desire, not always useful  on a daily basis or from a commercial standpoint
What about your project for Pitti?
It's s about bringing people in our world of timeless elegance, in the hundreds of possible declinations that our customers can choose from.
What is Pitti Uomo for you and the chance to be in Florence?
It's the chance to deal with the highest end of the men's fashion, the real conosseurs. and the chance to cheer with the many friends who we know come there every season.