06 Jan 2014

Events Munsoo Kwon

Fashion By Federico Poletti

After cutting his teeth under the tutelage of such names as Robert Geller, Helmut Lang, Thom Browne, and culminating with 5 seasons as a designer at Andrew Buckler, MUNSOO KWON has launched his very first collection for Fall/Winter 2012, in New York.

MUNSOO KWON attempts to steer clear of the traditional saturated menswear market, and build his designs based on neatly tailored modern silhouettes that are practical. His aesthetic is faithful to proportions and carefully designed for an impeccable fit, while still using his unique detailing. Rather than overtly branding his pieces, MUNSOO KWON uses his signature split-open details on the back and special pockets on shirts to create a coherent brand representation.

Describe your approach to fashion?
I would like to approach fashion by discovering new inspiration developed in daily life and selecting themes that can be easily sympathized with mass audience.
What is for youu formal wear and casual wear ?In which of these two categories do you recognize yourself?
The formal wear has a lot of traditional rules to dress up but it is still fashionable until now. The casual wear can break the rules of formal wear and it makes something different fashion trend from daily look. I can recognize myself in both categories depending on different occasions. I prefer casual looks on me for most of the days but I do dress up in formalwear when I need to with a little bit of a twist: perhaps suits with New Era or leaving long length shirts out instead of having it tucked in to create different proportion.
What is experimentation for you?
Bringing the best out on the table with the limited budget and environment.
What about your project for Pitti?
I've prepared my previous collections according to the timeline of New York Menswear Market until SS14 season and it was a challenge for me as I've been a little bit rushed to finish up FW14 season to enter pitti uomo. Although I was under a lot of pressure I’ve prepared and completed the collection with a confidence that I could properly present my pieces to the global market. My new inspiration for the FW14 collection which you will see in PitiUomo is the "Key of Hope." I saw W.Eugene Smith's 'Walk to Paridise Garden' during the LIFE magazine exhibition in Korea. I somehow hope that people who wear MUNSOO KWON can overcome the obstacles of their lives and carry a key of hope.
What is Pitti Uomo for you and the chance to be in Florence?
I can’t even explain how thrilled I am to be a part of the latest fashion buzz in Pitti Uomo. I am particularly excited because my collection will be introduced to European market for the first time. I hope this can be served as a great opportunity to expose Munsoo Kwon to global press and buyers as Pitti is one of the most renowned menswear event in fashion scene.