06 Jan 2014

Events Rumisu

Fashion By Federico Poletti

Rumisu springs from the creativity of two sisters, Pinar and Deniz, and it is set in a magical world of beauty with a great love for their land. The result is a line of ethically made accessories. Each scarf is a one-of-a-kind piece, the illustrations are created by hand and then transferred, to 100% silk with digital printing technology. The edges are hand-rolled and trimmed, by hand, with traditional Turkish Oya crochet, all in cooperation with an UNDP project for promoting the sustainable  and economic development of the region’s women.

Describe your approach to fashion?
Not taking it too seriously, reflecting different moods of ours with one print at a time, always aiming to keep it playful & whimsical.
What is for you formal wear and casual wear ? In which of these two categories do you recognize yourself?
We are definitely always on the casual side of things… even in the most formal situations, trying to elegantly get away with casual-chic… and that “casual” for us is a good balance between crisp comfort and sincere expression of unique personality.
What is experimentation for you?
Entering new territories each time; stretching our boundaries, flirting with new techniques, textures and challenging ideas, trying to bring something new to the table each season.
What about your project for Pitti?
Eventhough we included some unisex pieces in our recent collections, the general feel of rumisu is more for the ladies… however in this collection we created prints with rumisu gentlemen in mind, in different sizes, not forgetting the essential pocket-square…
What is Pitti Uomo for you and the chance to be in Florence?
Being surrounded with creative souls and inspiration. Definitely a chance to be at the right place, at the right time.