06 Jan 2014

Events Sasha Kanevski

Fashion By Federico Poletti
Describe your approach to fashion?
Today, fashion is more about business and consumer cult and I don’t like it that way. Style and design is what I would like fashion to be more about.
What is for you formal wear and casual wear ?In which of these two categories do you recognize yourself?
These two segments are closely connected and mixed nowadays. However, speaking of them separately - work with formal clothing requires more delicacy, as there is a lot of hand crafting and tiny details unnoticeable at first glance – each centimeter and each fitting matters. Casual clothes is more about innovations, properties of materials, comfort. For the clothes I design, I find the luxury street wear segment to be the most suitable.                                                                   
What is experimentation for you?
Experimentation in clothes is caused by the difference in how we want to look and things we want from clothes. Therefore the necessity to look for new solutions in design, cuts, fabrics and technologies appear.
What about your project for Pitti?
For AW’15 collection that will be shown at Pitti Uomo, I’ve experimented with men’s shirt by making it more comfortable and practical by using additional zippers and stretch details.
What is Pitti Uomo for you and the chance to be in Florence?
Pitti Uomo for me is a chance to show my collection to much wider audience, share my vision and designs at the world’s most important platform for men’s clothing