18 Jun 2013

Events Mauro Fiorito

Fashion / Music / Design / Graphics / Photography / Performance
You Are About To Meet Yourself Directed by Mauro Fiorito
You Are About To Meet Yourself’ uses classic splatter movie devices with Irony and horror going hand in hand. I see my film ‘You Are About To Meet Yourself’ as an ironic comment upon horror films. The protagonists, played by Laura Cherry, Anna Tatton, and Maya Vincent are searching for themselves and yet eventually discover they are one and the same person. I have sought to capture the moment of the hunt for the self. To capture one's identity is often to reveal aspects of the self that you didn’t know existed. It is this moment of the hunt for the self that is presented to the viewer: the hidden , horrific aspect of the self finally revealed.
Mauro Fiorito is an film director based is London, working on fashion films, commercials and music video.
He has a wide experience developing new kind of audiovisual formats. In his work, he put together visual, storytelling and music with a elegant and mesmerist impact. 
His personal aesthetic with a smart balance between the emotional and symbolic 
Mauro is collaborating  with magazines like Vogue Italia and with photograper like Iain Mckell and Michelangelo Di Battista