18 Jun 2014

Events Raúl Rosillo

Fashion / Music / Design / Graphics / Photography / Performance
Veneration from Raúl Rosillo
VENERATION  it is based on the purification ritual that the arabs do before the praying.
In the moment that the body is touch by the water a white dove appears.
The prayer takes place in a dovecote that has been transformed into a sanctuary. And the white between two sides.
Raul Rosillo is an Andalusian visual Artist & Creative  born in the city of Cadiz, Spain in 1986, working in the medium of Film & Photography. 
Seville, he went on to attain a master’s degree in Creative Direction in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Raul specialised in Art Direction at Central Saint Martin’s in London.
Raul currently freelances as an Art & Creative Director and Photographer & Filmmaker for fashion and advertising alongside his personal projects.
Currently based in London, Raul has also worked in Buenos Aires, Madrid and New York.