11 Jan 2012

Pitti Italics Emiliano Rinaldi

Fashion / Music A nightclub atmosphere
A nightclub atmosphere for Emiliano Rinaldiā€™s show: a Pitti Uomo 81 New Performer
During Pitti Uomo 81, Emiliano Rinaldi will play the leading role in a site-specific performance to be held at the memorable Yab disco club on Wednesday, January 11th 2012, and will feature the world preview of his men’s collection for the 2012-2013 fall/winter season. The collection will be on view in the Sala delle Nazioni in the Futuro Maschile section of the fair.
Winner ofWHO IS ON NEXT? UOMO 2011, Emiliano Rinaldi is one of the two New Performers at this edition of Pitti Uomo
Pitti Discovery is the driving force behind The New Performers project that offers new talents in fashion – and those who work with fashion’s own mediums carrying it into different artistic and esthetic disciplines.
“This invitation is a fantastic opportunity to show my work to Pitti Uomo’s international audience”, says Emiliano Rinaldi. “My new collection once again represents me and my life. Everything comes from a dream I had on the night that I won WHO IS ON NEXT? UOMO, - the same night that my two children were born: I saw myself in a New York club between the 1970s-80s. Next season I will wear the clothes of an elegant man, in fine fabrics and nighttime colors; he is a man who likes to talk about business, spend time with friends, listen to intoxicating music and drink vodka tonics all night. He is a man who wants to enjoy life and be well. As always, my collection will be an expression of a lifestyle, a way of being and feeling at one with yourself … ”. 
The judging panel of “WHO IS ON NEXT? UOMO” gave the following motivation for the award:
Poetry and passion give life to his collection. A project that feeds on historical references to his birthplace, Arezzo. His entirely Made in Tuscany clothes have enormous creative potential and a strong identity. The quality is admirable, as are the references to customs such as the Palio di Siena which though strongly rooted in the area, cross all boundaries and capture the world’s imagination”. 
The collection of Emiliano Rinaldi is going on show in collaboration with Dinamo Fabrics, for textile, with Arfango -  the historical brand of the friend and entrepreneur Alberto Moretti - for footwear and with Cantine Acquaviva, an innovative winery company of his friend Massimiliano Neri.