Pitti Italics Max Kibardin

Fashion / Graphics New performer @ Pitti Uomo 77
During Pitti Immagine Uomo’ fair on Thursday, January 14th, Max Kibardin presented a world preview of his Behind the Shoes project with a specific performance. His collection was also featured at Touch!, the heart of the fair’s fashion district devoted to the new form of elegance for today’s man. 
Behind the Shoes was the result of Kibardin’s cooperation with Iké Udé, the internationally renowned artist who works in New York. Inspired by Beyond Decorum, Udé’s fundamental pièce, Kibardin posed twice wearing the artist’s classic gray suit. In the first portrait the suit was perfectly buttoned and impeccable looking, in the other one the designer overturned bourgeois aplomb and decorum playfully reminding us of the wonder of human contradictions.
Fondazione Pitti Discovery selected Kibardin – already famous for the high quality craftsmanship of his jewel-footwear and winner in the accessories category of the first edition of “WHO IS ON NEXT? UOMO” – as one of the Pitti Uomo 77 New Performers. The New Performers is a project/program produced by Pitti Discovery to create opportunities for new talents in fashion, as well as for those who work with fashion’s materials by bringing them together with various artistic and esthetic disciplines.