Art and fashion talk A Therapeutical Fashion Act

Fashion / Music / Photography / Performance A project by 10A - Suspender Trousers Company
In the occasion of the special mention awarded by the jury of “Who’s Next?10A - Suspender Trousers Company, presents “A Therapeutical Fashion Act”, an experimental, multidisciplinary project comprising music, fashion, video and design.
As a testimonial of its international approach and crossover of different influences, 10A expresses itself through a plurality of languages aimed at strengthening the qualities of a collection that finds its space in the intersection of classic and contemporary, sartorial craftmanship and technological research. 
The collection has as main reference the 1910s and 1930s and pays hommage to silver screen icons such as Cary Grant and Fred Astaire, albeit transfoming classical garments through more functional cuts and reinterpreting them with contemporary details. 
The collection’s complement and its alter ego in terms of accessories are Marcoliani socks, which allow to expand the style range from classic and serious – thanks to the sartorial details –  to a “new dandy” vibe, with bold asimmetries creating blocks of colour which recall deconstructivist canvases.
With “A Therapeutical Fashion Act” a performance by “Musicamorfosi” 10A borrows the metaphors of music to talk about its own duality: on one hand tradition, symbolised by the presence of a marching band (traditionally linked to our country’s local imaginary), on the other diversity and contemporaneity. Giovanni Falzone and Arsene Duevi apply a rulebreaking, imaginative approach, reinterpreting a cornerstone of Italian popular music such as the song “Bella Ciao” by justaxposing it to “Nowiwo mitsio,” a tradional african anthem.