Art and fashion talk #ArtisanStreet should be Alberto Premi’s hashtag

Fashion by Fulvio Ravagnani


Street inspiration and quality workmanship is the winning mix that took Alberto Premi with his footwear range to the finals of Who is on Next 2014 at Pitti Uomo 86. Here is what he told us.

1. What were your thoughts when you entered the competition, did you expect to be one of the finalists? 
I thought it was a great opportunity to grow and enter the magical world of fashion, but above all I saw it as a personal challenge against my father (a designer for over 35 years in footwear) who I have always regarded as my benchmark. I wanted and still want to show that despite my tender age I am able to achieve the goals I set myself. I didn’t expect to be one of the finalists, but I gave myself an 8 out of 10 chance of getting there. I’m aware I have made a fresh, innovative product that can meet market demands. So it was the so-called “DREAM COME TRUE “.
2. Can you tell us a bit about your collection?
The mood of the SS15 collection, the entry for this competition, is based on the concept of destructuring. Everything in the recent and distant memory is analysed, studied, dismantled and revamped. This process encompasses the comfort of sportswear, the creativity of futuristic art and classical forms. One clear example is seen in the derby, as classic in appearance as it is fresh and innovative to the observing eye, which undergoes a metamorphosis and takes on an obvious sporty feel. The use of top quality materials, like the leathers, and meticulous attention to what are clearly sci-fi details, and to the double buckle that transforms into a strap, offer the entire collection the atmosphere of a film as yet to be shown. A film that sweeps away the past and shakes up the present. A film about the future; because a person’s life is marked by the choices he makes, the road he travels and every step he takes. 
3. What are your plans/dreams for the future?
My dream, and the goal I have set myself, is to become one of the greatest footwear designers, eventually making shoes only and exclusively to order, like real works of art. But what really spurs me on to do all this is to be able to communicate with people without using the usual written or verbal language forms, but by simply conveying what I am through my product.