27 Dec 2011

Art and fashion talk A Magazine curated by Rodarte

Fashion / Graphics / Photography / Performance The Mulleavy sisters are the stars of the new issue

The new issue of A Magazine, a publishing project entirely edited by cutting-edge fashion designers, sees Rodarte in the starring role with its creators, the Mulleavy sisters, editors of the eleventh edition of this magazine.

This creative journey explores the world of this famous fashion duo, on a trail that leads from their native Pasadena, overlooked by majestic Mount Wilson, to the infinite landscapes of America, halfway between childhood memories and contemporary scenarios. The magazine’s cover features the symbolic image of a bear, chosen by Laura and Kate in memory of the extinct grizzlies that once populated ‘their’ California. The 200 pages inside highlight the eclectic vision of Rodarte-style fashion, a hybrid fusion of art and experimentation, flair and refined production techniques.

The eleventh A Magazine is a tribute to America, the America that was home for the Mulleavy sisters, with its sequoia forests, fields of orange poppies, Hare Krishnas, psychedelic coloured skaters, hippies, punks, surfers and the San Andreas fault. The history of the West is narrated through the work of artists close to them and friends who have inhabited and explored these places. Guests for this edition are the conceptual artist John Baldessari and his shots of California, the director and screenwriter Joss Whedon, the photographer Bill Owens, drawing on the summer spirit of Santa Cruz in an exclusive service with the actress Elle Fanning that teams the delicate pastels from the Rodarte S/S 2012 collection with surf wear. Plus Andrew Durham, Autumn de Wilde, who gathers all their memories and travels to Lake Tahoe and Truckee, David Armstrong who has immortalised the actress Kirsten Dunst, who also grew up in California. A style evolution that draws its origins and inspiration from the very roots of their homeland.

Daniel Thawley, editor of A Magazine, ends by saying: "Working with Kate and Laura Mulleavy was an incredible experience, a headlong plunge into the extraordinary beauty that inspires Rodarte. From natural to mechanical, from baseball to the distant galaxies, these sisters have eclectic informed vision. I found it extraordinarily enriching to explore this world with them as we created this issue: 200 pages of pure visual pleasure that will warm the heart and make all your senses vibrate”.