Art and fashion talk The Fashion Circus of the young Anna K

Fashion by Sara Pizzi

Tell us something about your collection... How did you conceive the idea of t-shirts with slogans? 

I got strongly inspired by an article of legendary Suzy Menkes and started thinking of interpreting it in my collection. Basic T-shirts with the slogans seemed to be the best option, but then I could not even imagine they would be sold at Luisa Via Roma, colette, D-MOP, Deuxieme classe and others.
What do the solgans mean?
The slogans of the T-shirts in my "Fashion Circus" series are phrases that are widely used in the fashion industry and are often heard at fashion weeks. Some of them were suggested by fashion insiders directly to me. This season every attendant of my booth will be able to suggest their own phrases, the best of which I will use for the next series of "Fashion Circus".
What is your favorite one?
"I don’t give interviews", just like Sarah Andelman`s, owner of colette, and "I am not a blogger" because it was the first to capture the attention of the fashion industry when Daria Shapovalova wore at the fashion weeks. Afterwards it was seen on the most famous bloggers in the world - Bryan Boy and Yvan Rodic, and praised by Suzy Bubble.
Concerning your career, what are your future projects?
I have always dreamt to build the biggest brand in Ukraine that would be strong and influential not only in my own country but around the world and that is what I am working on now.
What do you expect from your participation at Pitti W? And how was your experience last January at the Guest Nation program?
This season I am bringing the second part of "Fashion Circus" series right after a special presentation at colette, as well as two new capsule collections "Fashion Films", "Fashion Dictionary" and my pre-spring 15 collection. I am sure that this time is going to be even more effective and I am looking forward to meeting all the best fashion experts who always attend Pitti. My experience last January was simply amazing. Participation at Pitti W was a major step that lead to the huge success of my "Fashion Circus" series and the recognition of Anna K brand in general. After the exposure of my brand at Pitti W I received orders from  such iconic stores as Luisa Via Roma and colette (I am the first Ukrainian designer to sell there, by the way), did special collaborations with them and we plan to continue working with these two stores in the future. Apart from that I received big orders from other retailers in Europe, Asia and even Australia.