Art and fashion talk Discovery new horizons

Once upon the time there was a small, tiny, space called Discovery. It was a laboratory where the best of Contemporary Art was presented in Florence and in Italy. After years the space doesn't exist any more and our laboratory has been transform in a web site that we would like to be literally a web where the best ideas and energy can be caught and developed. As Discovery was a space where contemporary art could be developed the new web site want to be a laboratory where a new generation of new performers, artists, musicians, architects, fashion designers, curators can share their ideas and projects. Foundation Discovery web site will be a platform where new performers will discover the opportunity to test and hopefully realize some of their ideas and visions. In 1999 we open Discovery with the goal bring contemporary art in dialogue with other disciplines. Today we feel that the net we have build was successful and we cannot talk any longer about fashion if we don't talk about music, art, film, videos and architecture. Discovery has discovered another dimension that it's more open more inclusive and more challenging. We are dealing with a system of different languages and our web site aim to build up a new way of communicating and translating those languages and the ideas they are carrying along with them.   
Francesco Bonami
Artistic Director Foundation Pitti Discovery