Art and fashion talk Bar Camo

Fashion The next project at Pitti Uomo 82
The next project at Pitti Uomo 82
Stefano Ughetti, designer of the CAMO brand, continues his search for businesses that use artisan production to include them in a special collection, strictly Made in Italy. Constantly creating concepts based on images that are only apparently masculine, Camo shifts towards an increasingly more transversal unisex fashion, doing away with distinctions and looking for unusual equilibriums. Stefano does not have a traditional fashion designer background; he comes from the world of textiles. Perhaps this is what has helped his different approach to making clothing? His collections uncover worlds and tell stories. A glance at images from CASINO’, the latest to be presented (AW12/13), reveals an obvious reference to the world of poker: striped jackets and suits with braces, plenty of attention to details, especially hidden ones, impeccable lines and refined finishing touches. This collection brings to mind some illegal gambling den during the American prohibition era, glasses of whisky and cigarettes. Women are no longer just lucky charms however, but confident, in trousers, shirt and waistcoat, ready to take centre stage.

Stefano gave us a sneak preview and told us about the concept for the new SS12/13 collection, all ready for presentation in June at PITTI Uomo 82. CAMO uses the bar to bring us flavours from the past, with rediscovery of the poetry that lies in everyday simplicity. His inspiration came from books by Benni and films by Pupi Avati. The bar today however is more than a pause during the day and can even become a second family, especially for newcomers to a foreign city. CAMO’s bar has a hint of nostalgia; it is somewhere to play boules, cards and shoot pool. Six in the evening, the sun is going down after a hot day, the bar is the place to meet and the colour is orange. Table mats are often orange, as are ashtrays, lottery forms and even some drinks. An international look that never betrays its own identity. The women’s collection is once again a reflection of the men’s and while ladies used to feel out of place in bars, this is not a problem today and the clothes are almost the same. All we need to do now is wait in the bar for a glimpse of this lady.