11 Jun 2015

Art and fashion talk Pitti Italics: the evolution of Casamadre

Fashion / Design By Stefano Guerrini

The journey of David Parisi and Alessia Crea, known as Casamadre, has always been linked to Pitti, since they won the menswear edition of “Who is on next?” in June 2013.
They then returned to the Florence fair, bringing with them their accessories that are full of life, because, as they themselves like to tell, their products are the result of the desire to tell the story of characters out of the ordinary, people they meet and who have a story. The Casamadre duo is now at the edition of Pitti which is about to begin, in the Pitti Italics area, home of the new driving forces behind the “Made in Italy” concept with much to offer an international audience. And there’s also something new, because the world of Alessia and David has become a well-rounded collection, which we have given a little anticipation of here with their words and a very evocative video.

How have you changed since winning 'Who is on next?' and how has the line changed?

It’s been two years since “Who is on next”, but it seems like yesterday. We’ve grown up a bit. We’ve had the chance to take on the market and develop Casamadre one step at a time with a more informed outlook. Today, Casamadre offers a total look, but still has what we regard as its soul, the desire to tell a travelling story of artists.

We always take our inspiration from characters we have met over this period.
The line is more complex, but some pieces will accompany us I hope for as long as possible, like our clown shoe.
If I say the word Pitti, what comes to mind?

Always a happy moment for us, a point of reference we can go back to to recount the stages of our journey. We started with “Who is on Next?”, then a special event in January 2014 and Unconventional last season. All this for us represented a time of growth and that is why we want to present our first complete collection at Pitti. It has created a truly important relationship for us.

Can you tell us about this video?

The video is simply the sea in motion from which our collection comes about. For us that’s where it comes from. The movement of the sea and the wind are two fundamental elements. We’ll tell the story of the landing of a group of sailors who are a little bit magical...

You are one of the new Pitti Italics in this edition of Pitti. What do you think the new Made In Italy can represent today?

The new Made in Italy is a commitment for us, we who were lucky enough to be born in Italy. This is a unique value and we have to cultivate it and not let it fade away.

Italy is unique and Casamadre could only have been created and have grown up here.
The new Made in Italy is all about us as young people who invest here and the companies that, even with small numbers, open doors for us, because times have also changed and we have to accept that. Made in Italy is never saying that something can’t be done, it’s experimenting.
Can you give us a little preview of what we’re going to see at Pitti?

You’ll see a Casamadre man and woman, what’s on top of the shoes and what we have always wanted to communicate. The first clothing capsule collection is a start, an outlined silhouette, the colours that belong to us, the identity that we want to show off.