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 Winner of Who Is On The Next? Uomo 2011, Emiliano Rinaldi is back at Pitti Uomo. Following the glamorous, nocturnal moods of last winter, he has once again chosen Florence to present a preview of his collection entitled “L’Ordinaria Quotidianità” (The Ordinary Everyday), set to make its debut at the Limonaia (Lemon House) at Villa Vittoria. The classic, ageless style of the Arezzo-born designer takes to the catwalk, fashion that chooses its models from “ordinary” men who can express his concept of elegance, understood as “a way of wearing the garment and interacting with it, making it invisible to the eyes of all”. 

How is your style evolving?

It is not so much my style that evolves…but rather the feelings and passions I discover on a daily basis that influences it.
What is your idea of everyday elegance?
The elegance, seen in the everyday, is that elegance that first and foremost springs from the mind and soul, to then permeate the way of dressing, eventually becoming a distinctive behavioural trait in everyday situations.
What materials have you used for this collection?
I opted for very simple materials such as cotton, silk and cool wool.
Materials which, in their apparent simplicity, are enriched with plays on weaves and unusual treatments. 
How did you develop this new project?
The project, as always, takes life from personal feelings that resurface, aroused by memories and scents, and then reflected in the choice of colours and cuts of my creations.
The choice of venue: what is the relationship between the Limonaia and the event?
The choice of location is in harmony with the idea of the collection, and then it is a building in a really beautiful setting.
Your secret yearning?
Leave this job and go horse-riding every day.