Art and fashion talk ERÏK BJERKESJÖ

Fashion / Design / Graphics A post modern artisan
Steadfastly, black shadows on the long stone corridor, outside the black dry wooden house on Fårö, in a winter night. White stone walls and grey sand makes the nature around the island feel isolating, almost sterile and calm. An individual thread upon the creaky glass floor. A character with a sophisticated way of move, but all alone in an empty environment with only himself as company. The old building filled by silence, profoundly envelops the statuesque engaged silhouettes. 
This fall, winter collection of two thousand and thirteen sets off here, inspired by the rigour of the drama involved with the international pandemonium of the middle of the 20th century. A lush line of hard silhouettes inspired by ice and outdoor activities on the Swedish island Gotland. New wave music as a movement and austerity associated with Ingmar Bergman and his work. Post-modern craftsmanship.
Materials such as tanned calf leather, lush sheer cotton, cashmere and formed wool allude to the effortless elegance of the line. The whole collection is made in Italy. The meticulously sculpted and tailored garments whether gracefully shrouded or worn separately, allow the travelling bearer to make choices. Classical jackets, constructed vests, fitted pants and equipped neck pieces, allow for versatility and freed malleability. The dark colour palette, fused by greys, blacks and inky shades, further underlines the austere look of the range.
The Erïk Bjerkesjö trademark shoes, entirely handmade in Tuscany, Italy, form an integral part of the collection. The mastery of the illusive shoe craftsmanship has been passed on from generation to generation. As a salute to forlorn times of grace, suspense and spies, the leather soles, feature a removable ice skates blades, especially handcrafted for the line. The pieces, aligned with careful detailing, such as golden nails, supreme calf leather and delicate contour lining, are dedicated to grand sartorial travelling gentlemen.