Art and fashion talk 30 years of Stone Island

Fashion / Music / Design / Graphics

Colossal, changing, synaesthetic. A show that until 7 July celebrates three decades of the brand founded in Italy in 1982.
A series of stereotyped mannequins, clones that are perhaps the result of genetic mutations, ready to leave their position. They are waiting to welcome visitors at the entrance to the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, essential and linear like a military hangar or a highly specialised scientific laboratory. The stars are over 200 jackets produced by Stone Island, which has always been a leader and benchmark in sportswear, including a replica of the very first model, made using the canvas of a truck, treated and transformed and christened “Tela Stella”. The moods coincide with the constant research carried out by this company in this experimentation. Mutability and metamorphosis are the terms with which you can interpret the identity of the brand, which over the years has produced sci-fi textiles that interact in a chameleon-like way with variations in the light and weather. The exhibition, curated by Simon Foxton and Nicholas Griffiths, does not have a mere historical layout like many celebrations; it is a more acute physical passage between natural elements, in a visual attempt at sound and touch. An exhibition that could already be called a milestone, as the name of the brand itself suggests. With the successes achieved on show, what does the future hold? Simply let yourself be guided by the wind rose, the ever-present logo on every Stone Island garment, and you will be taken towards exciting new frontiers.