Art and fashion talk The elegance not to take themselves too seriously: Maison Lvchino

Fashion by Fulvio Ravagnani

Among the finalists of Who Is On Next, 2014, there is also Maison Lvchino, here is an interview, to better understand what we will see during Pitti Uomo 86.

1. What did you think when you joined the competition, you expect to get one of the finalists? 
When i entered the competition i thought it was a good opportunity to make known my little maison and especially to compare with other designers like me. Honestly, I had no expectations, i just wanted to test myself and see how far i could get.
2. Could you tell us a bit of your collection? 
The SS15 Maison Lvchino inspired by the history of flight. From hot air balloons to space. The concept has been interpreted in terms of pioneering the side of those who have made it so that man could fly. The modeling flips between elegance and sportswear, with an elegant cut confidentially. The fabrics reflect the theme of the collection and have a taste at times recalling the military uniforms of the early aviators, sometimes instead have turned to the future with metal laminations and 3D effects. The predominant colors are blue and cold blue with a metallic sheen.
3. Which projects / dreams you have for the future?
My plans for the future are many, first of all our new headquarters, which will take place in Milan, in via Spartaco 19. I would like to create a creative workshop to form new synergies and new ideas, i'd love to collaborate with other creative young people to melt our background and contaminate our ideas. As for Maison Lvchino will continue our policy of expansion, keeping in mind our values that have brought us up here.