Art and fashion talk MSGM into the 90'S

Fashion / Design / Graphics / Performance By Leonardo Iuffrida

Sun glasses, baseball caps, skateboards and a Californian mood. Massimo Giorgetti, designer for the MSGM brand, rides the waves of time and dives straight into the ups and downs of the nineties. A decade marked by the frustrations of postmodern man who, bombarded by the mass media and lacking the solid ideologies of the past, feels lost, his identity in constant metamorphosis. The translation in terms of style of the society just outlined cannot but be a mixture. In fact, MSGM offers patchworks of patterns and python prints to create a new camouflage, with layers of fabric and styles blended into an eclectic, exuberant mix. Besides fragmentation, there is also the fluidity of the Nineties spirit. So, while the limits of gender, age and race are blended by osmosis at the end of the twentieth century, in MSGM blazing colours and kaleidoscopic tie-dye decorations seem to melt like snow in the sun. The Nineties also witnessed the levelling of the barriers between high and low culture, pursued by a host of artists such as Jeff Koons, and seen in this collection in the dualism achieved by the combination of sportswear and tailoring.