Art and fashion talk The art of prints by Pierre Louis Mascia

Fashion / Design Between kaleidoscopic and vintage
Finalist of Who Is on Next? Uomo at Pitti Immagine, Pierre Louis Mascia, french illustrator and fashion designer, creates unisex pieces such as scarves and t-shirts in a variety of luxurious materials and kaleidoscopic colours. The prints are the result of a sophisticated research in different archives and inspired by vintage findings, elements which gives an original feel to silk and cashmere. The result is a collection which is elegant and luxurious but also casual and sporty at the same time.
Mascia offerse an innovative and fresh approach to the world of accessories thanks to his peculiar training: from learning the art of traditional Japanese Washi papermaking, to studying Illustration at l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts, through his instinctive approach of art as a mix of disciplines.
Mascia launched his own label in 2007 and thanks to a partnership with Italian entrepreneur Achille Pinto, he manages to realize his project that started from the first foulards  and scarves and now it comprises t-shirts, bags, small accessories up to some homewear items. A series of luxurious accessories that show his love for prints and juxtaposition of motifs and materials. 
How do you develop the prints for the collections?
My job is essentially based on reasearch, I do it constantly through everything I love, it can be old tissue catalogues, old postcards collections, paintings, prints. I take research very seriously. Then I mix and match, I like to mix new stuff with vintage, paint and photo, embroideries and graphic pattern. 
I always need to tell a story and then I find the way to tell it through the collection. I am very lucky because Achille Pinto – the company that produces my collection - and its CEO Matteo Uliassi gave me maximum freedom to express my creativity. They do not give me limits to what I can do in prints.

Your method of work
I work exactly like when I work as graphic: I just change the media from paper to cloth. I work with collage, cutting and pasting on paper and then we scan the different patterns and then work on the colour palette in shades and tones.
We try on the first digital print on plain cloth and then develop the range. I always love the fact that on the plain scarve you see a pattern and a complete design, while wearing it the mix of colour and the image changes completely, turning into something else.
Why did you think about a t-shirt collection? 
After taking the scarves and foulards collection to completion, we moved to other item to complete the outfit and the first thing you think of is t-shirt for the summer and pullover for the winter, something that works with a scarf. Moreover is very easy to print on a t-shirt and that is something I would wear myself. It is altogether something I need to build up a style and somthing for me.

Which are the inspirational objects or cities for you?
I live in Toulouse and I find a lot of inspiration there. I travel a lot and many cities can be inspirational: Tokyo, Paris and also Como where we produce the collection. It depends where you look. A book, an antique shop, a short trip, anything could work to tell a story.

Tell us about your next projects
The next project is already on the making. Last FW we started the Lifestyle Collection adding some plaids that were immediately ordered for the new Villa Cora Hotel in Florence. This Spring Summer 2012 we did a collection of beach towels in the colour range of the collection. For the FW1213 collection we are further developing the Lifestyle section with new products for the home.