Art and fashion talk A stylish society, by STUDIOPRETZEL

Fashion by Fulvio Ravagnani

We interviewed Emiliano Laszlo, designer and spirit behind STUDIOPRETZEL, one of the finalists of Who’s on Next 2014 at Pitti Uomo 86. Here’s what he told us:

1. What were your thoughts when you entered the competition, did you expect to be one of the finalists? 
It is the second time I have entered WION, and I’m pleased to have reached the finals with this collection, which is definitely more mature and complete compared to my first attempt. I always have great expectations when I work on something, that’s just part of my personality and so I did have high hopes. I and my supporters were delighted to receive the news.
2. Can you tell us a bit about your collection?
The summer 2015 collection is called “Studiopretzel Society”, because I imagined the people who wear Studiopretzel as being part of a kind of club. I wanted to really exploit this aspect and create different sections of this “society”, like, for instance, the sailing club and the jujitsu team. I brought together a series of slightly nostalgic aspects of our childhood under the brand image, like when we were boy scouts or members of a sports club. The patches of the different clubs are clear on some of the iconic garments and represent tradition, which is combined and transformed with modernity. There are more classic garments such as the seersucker jacket with trim and the group emblem, as well as more unusual garments such as the deconstructed unisex jumpsuit and the kimono pants, which are presented each season with different details and fabrics. I tried to be consistent in my choices; I wanted to leave my volumes and forms, but transfer them into a slightly different world than my usual one. I wanted this collection to say something about me, about what I am and what I do. I tried to represent something I hope people can identify with. For me it is important to tell a story and it is essential that what I represent is true, always stemming from direct experience. Honesty – that is the value I want to put into the collections I create.
3. What are your plans/dreams for the future?
Through WION, I would like to see greater interest from buyers and I’d like to find a stable niche in the market, and form alliances with other companies. I’d like to be able to continue investing in my future.