Art and fashion talk A New Way to be Classy- Modern: T.LIPOP

Fashion by Fulvio Ravagnani

We interviewed Tom, the creative behind the British brand T.LIPOP, a ready-to-wear identity born in 2011 and now a finalist in Who Is On Next 2014 at Pitti Uomo 86.

1. What did you think when you joined the competition, you expect to get one of the finalists? 
Was such a great moment for us as a young brand. Not at all. We have faıth in our brand and what we are doing but their is so much talent around that we just waited with baited breath. Was great.
2. Could you tell us a bit of your collection? 
The brand is about Modernising Tradition - Our 'MT' Ethos. The collections are always a multicultural reference to silhouette, bouncing ideas from around the globe - England and my own Heritage, Japan, Asia, The Inuits in Arctic. It doesn't matter where from - Its about bringing dress from different cultures together.  We have a Pioneered a way of cutting a garment different to all others. Garments sometime cut from 1 piece of cloth in a kind of Origami way of thinking. We don't want our collections to be seasonal, Instead timeless and not specific to season, Signature pieces which we can alter to season in terms of cloth.
3. Which projects / dreams you have for the future? 
We hope to one day launch our own stores and grow the brand into a well recognised luxury label know for cut, style and quality. We love to Collaborate and hope to do so with some of the bigger houses and Artists.