Art and fashion talk Talking about Who is on next? UOMO

Fashion / Design / Graphics / Photography / Performance By Federico Poletti
The opinions of the jury

We met some of the jury members from  of the contest to collect their opinions about this edition of Who is On Next? UOMO and understand how is evolving the menswear scene.

Beppe Angiolini, owner and president of the shops Sugar and President of the Chamber of Italian Fashion Buyer confirms that "footwear and accessories represent an added value, especially in this case. Casamadre and Super Duper Hats combine tradition with development of new shapes "
Even Nick Wooster (former Director Creator of Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus) confirms that the accessories - now more than ever – are essential to define the look. Finally Simonetta Gianfelici, head of scouting for Who is On Next?, comments: "The accessory can give a different twist to a traditional look. We noticed how in the world accessories is strong the mix between tradition and innovation, which may be lacking in clothing. The new talent in manswear seem to have a smaller basin, even if the market shows us the opposite. "