Project room Brazil Tudo E'...

Art Project
BRAZIL...TUDO E': la prima project room di Fondazione Pitti Discovery
Contemporary art and creativity.
The former Esattoria della Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, will host Tudo è, curated by Alberto Salvadori and Andrea Lissoni and produced by Fondazione Pitti Discovery together with the Osservatorio per le Arti Contemporanee dell’Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze. Tudo è based on the visual arts, music, film and performances will present an ideal vision of a country – Brazil – that embodies the continuity of tradition and the roots of South American modernism, and the most contemporary forms of esthetic expression, and is capable of combining today’s new creativity. “It will be like a prè-sal (the sub-salt layer beneath the ocean that contains the huge oil and natural gas deposits that have been the symbol of Brazil’s growth over the past two years)”, say the curators Alberto Salvadori and Andrea Lissoni, “a place where there are multitudes of multiple talents; the wealth of a country which with speed, an awareness of its resources and faith in the present, is aiming towards a truly better future – a fantastic place that Italy still has to get to know fully.”

For four days, artists such as Runo Lagomarsino, Pablo Nenflidio, the “unclassifiable” visual artists and musicians like Chelpa Ferro, musicians such as Siri and also DJs and producers like Nado Leal will unveil a growing world of thoughts and desires bringing Florence and Brazil together and generating an original mixture where freedom of thought, of expression, of imagination will be the fulcrum of the Guest Nation Brazil project.

The Guest Nation Brazil event is being produced under the patronage of the Brazilian Embassy in Italy, with the special contribution of Regione Toscana – Assessorato alla Cultura, Turismo e Commercio, and with the support of Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Spa