Project room Myownbooks By Camo

Fashion / Music / Design / Graphics Telling with books A personal journey into the libraries of the creative
Your favourite books?  
At the moment “Game of Thrones” by George R.R.Martin
My all-time favourite books are the following biographies: 
Agassi’s “Open”
Walter Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs”
What was the first ever book you read and loved?
“The call of the wild” by Jack London
Are there any books that are in some way inspiring you?
The first one to inspire me was “DPM” (Disruptive Pattern Material) – Maharishi, I do research starting with books for each of my collections.
Are you in favour of digital books or are you still linked to the traditional version?
For me books are what you take to the mountains or on the beach with you, what you leaf through, stain and crumple.
Whereas for newspapers even the digital format is ok.
By Fulvio Ravagnani