Its reaction to our word it is one of absolute amazement

especially after meeting with creatures it has never seen before

and encountering those mysterious marks, almost coded messages, that can be found everywhere

We appear proud, refined and careful to its eyes

even when eating

and when we have something to hide.

Some of us seem obsessive and covetous, fully outfitted with hi-tech devices,

while others appear to be frightened by this exaggerated new machinery.

But the thing that amazes it the most is the need to hide behind this technology, almost as if it were a mask.

Then, there are lightweight creatures, dressed in loose cloths and simple footwear

and other wilder, more athletic ones

while the young of the species are equipped from their very first hours of life to survive the jungle of glances

The men move in groups, choose people that resemble them, those made the same way as they are

in order to grow and strengthen their ideas

but they are also fickle; and after a while they become tired and bored.

Then there are those who are afraid of forgetting and so print their memories on their clothes

and finally, those who prefer to isolate themselves and focus first and foremost on their own thoughts.

Project room BIG ALIEN EYES

By Fulvio Ravagnani
By Fulvio Ravagnani
Imagine a creature that arrives from another galaxy, from another solar system, or perhaps only from another planet. Who knows what it would make of us, which of our attributes would strike it most? Having been catapulted onto our little earth, it is greeted by life forms that are constantly becoming more and more detailed and complex: micro-worlds and niches in which biodiversity is the key, in which standing out from the crowd is essential, where globalisation urges and undermines creativity. And yes, it is true: a real alien has arrived, and it has fallen into a place where wonderful objects are created and new ideas are conceived. This alien is not exactly sure of who we are, it doesn’t judge us, and indeed it fails even to distinguish between a man and a woman, as in its eyes we are simply moving shapes. Like a hermit, it has embarked on a pilgrimage to discover this world, capturing images as testimony of its journey, classifying our habits and customs and discovering what makes us special.  

Our Alien Pilgrim who played along in this game that extends far beyond street photography or a trend report is French-born photographer Charles Henry Bédué – Discover more on: