Project room Erik Bjerkesjo

Fashion the winner of the 2012 edition of Who is on Next? UOMO

Erïk Bjerkesjö, is a young designer who hails from an island (Gotland) outside Stockholm. After earning a master’s degree in Advanced Footwear and Accessories design from Polimoda, he entered the world of fashion with his own personal concept of elegance for men. The look is elegant and innovative: each pair of shoes is produced by skilled Tuscan craftsmen and has the designer’s signature etched onto the sole. The focus is on details: hand-beveling, elegant punching on the toe caps, three 18k gold pins in

the heels. Erïk has recently expanded his shoe line to include men’s clothing made in Italy steeped in a dark and minimal atmosphere.


A great talent presenting a complete and original proposal, a mature project based on careful research into materials and shapes.  A personal and professional story that began in Sweden and grew up amidst the great craft traditions of Italy and Tuscany.  Particularly worth mentioning is the high quality of the manufacturing and the sophisticated styles – perfectly suited to current market demands – as well as the ability to build an entire wardrobe around the elegant classical design of an accessory, a shoe, with meticulous attention paid to every aspect and detailed working processes, such as the items treated with shoe polish to offer an unquestionably contemporary effect.